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The Francesco Molon team is active and follows its activities and its clients in the difficulties that Italy is courageously facing.

In this difficult moment we are asked for discipline and limitations that seem unsettling for our habits and our aspirations.
Almost unconsciously, with this discipline, these limitations, by continuing our work in this context, we are building our tomorrow, the future of our work, our society and our country.
That is how the great things we have accomplished came about. Living today with the conditions we are given and planning our tomorrow with passion and enthusiasm.
We are aware of how important we can be. They say “Make an Impact that Matters”, that’s why “Francesco Molon” keeps his eyes high.

Always with the necessary awareness to face the trials that life imposes on us and imposes on the whole world and on our beautiful Italy at this moment.

“Francesco Molon” is assuring its customers the maximum possible assistance pre and after sale support, our customer service still active in smart-working mode.

Francesco Molon team is active and you can contact us at our usual contacts:
ph. +390424832600
Our support team may be contacted on personal mobile phones

You can comfortably consult our catalogue from this link

We remain at your disposal.
Team “Francesco Molon”

Команда Francesco Molon продолжает работать в активном режиме, контролирует все процессы своей деятельности и взаимодействует со своими клиентами, несмотря на трудности, с которыми столкнулась Италия и которым она смело противостоит.

В этот тяжелый момент наша жизнь подчинена строгой дисциплине и ограничениям, которые кажутся абсурдными для наших устремлений и нашего привычного жизненного уклада. Почти неосознанно, привыкая к c этой дисциплине и ограничениям, выполняя нашу работу в этой новой реальности, мы строим наше будущее, будущее нашей рабочей деятельности, нашего общества и нашей страны.

Именно так, шаг за шагом, мы достигаем великих свершений, живя в условиях, которые нам даны, планируя наше завтра с пристрастием и энтузиазмом. Мы осознаем, насколько важным каждый из нас может быть. Говорят: «Make an Impact that Matters». По этой причине Francesco Molon с оптимизмом смотрит в

будущее; с осознанием, необходимым для того, чтобы предстать перед испытаниями, которые готовит нам жизнь, как во всем мире, так и в нашей прекрасной Италии.
«Франческо Молон» обеспечивает своим клиентам максимально возможные услуги продажи с поддержкой в удаленном режиме.
Вы можете связаться с нами по нашим постоянным контактам:

«Франческо Молон» обеспечивает своим клиентам максимально возможные услуги продажи с поддержкой в удаленном режиме.
Вы можете связаться с нами по нашим постоянным контактам:
ph. +390424832600

Вы можете ознакомиться с нашим каталогом по этой ссылке

Мы остаемся в вашем распоряжении.
Команда “Франческо Молон”

Dear Customers and Partners,

As you well know this is a difficult time for Italy and the whole world because of the Corona Virus that is threatening so many lives.

The “Francesco Molon” team is active, we are carrying on our work and projects, following the operational guidelines with quality and in compliance with the various directives and ordinances of the Italian Government to make the population and the production personnel of the industries safe.

We want to reassure you and assure you that “Francesco Molon” has organized itself to face this period of extraordinary emergency by relying on the operational work of our offices in smart-working mode, to guarantee the essential services of Customer service, commercial, technical and administrative office and we are always at your complete disposal.

Our production departments remained operational until Saturday 21st March 2020.
In light of the worsening health situation in Italy, the Italian Government issued a new order on the evening of Saturday 21st March 2020, in which it ordered the total shutdown of the production departments of non-strategic industries until 3rd April 2020.

Therefore our production and deliveries will remain at a standstill until April 3, 2020.

We are aware that the new indications require a great organizational effort from everyone and a big change in the way we are used to operate.

What we are facing is an extraordinary challenge at world level, but we are convinced that together we will overcome it brilliantly and come out even stronger and in the best possible way.

We remain at your disposal, you can contact us by usual ways

We salute you.

Francesco Molon

The recent and highly acclaimed edition of Milan Design Week, a worldwide reference point in this field, was a unique opportunity to celebrate design in all its forms. Among the main protagonists of the eventFrancesco Molon, present both at the Salone del Mobile and at the Hotel Regeneration event, this year’s great success, held at the exclusive location of Lambrate Design District.

As always, the Francesco Molon brand is known for the high quality of its solutions, for the precious craftsmanship and for the creation of aesthetically and functionally flawless products, the result of an in-depth knowledge of the Italian tradition in furniture and style.

The products designed by Francesco Molon are the fruit of a long experience in the field but also a well-balanced mix of love for art, architecture and classic styles. The result is a range of unique and highly recognisable furnishing elements, both of classic design, as well as modern and contemporary, and always characterised by utmost elegance of lines and shapes.

Francesco Molon was interviewed by Jo Squillo during the recent Milan Design Week: see the video.