Cav. Francesco Molon

Mine is a simple story

“Mine is a simple story, a way shared by many Veneto entrepreneurs who started from the classical mess tin”: although he has furnished of prestigious locations around the world, distinguished by the quality of its achievements, Francesco Molon has retained a sober attitude. Concrete person, says of having professional success to the great persistence and choosing to function immediately with foreign countries.

“From sixty years I work in this area, I began eleven in a firm tradition in order to learn a trade. Twelve, thirteen hours a day and then, in the evening, I went to the school of arts and crafts to the parish center of the country. I love the artistic aspects of my profession; In fact, I do not care the wood itself, but the creative aspect, the ability to give birth to whole ambience, to furnish room after room, starting sometimes from outside. That’s why I always surrounded by artists and artisans sensitive and imaginative.”

A Family Story

Success does not come by chance

The beginning of the business dates back to 1966 and a few years later he was already working with Saudi Arabia. In 1981 it was the turn of the United States where, armed with his own strength, has made a significant sales network. From America to Russia, in the years that had yet to fall of the Berlin Wall, the next step was short: “in the Soviet Union at that time, our interlocutors were mostly bodies of State: we had the opportunity, for example, to work with the Kremlin and Gazprom, the largest extractor of natural gas in the world. Even today private customer of that great country represent for us the interlocutors faithful and demanding, as indeed all our customers.

Continuing the founder’s ethos, Francesco Molon’s two sonsm, Roberto and Christian now manage the family business. Each son as dedicated as his father to the timeless fine design and execution that enables francesco molon pieces to be passed through the generations.


50 years of tradition and innovation

Headquartered in Romano d’Ezzelino, Italy, Francesco Molon employs over 200 individuals devoted to the highest level of production standards; each process and technique has been perfected in over 50 years of experience in our main 30,000 sqm production site. Francesco Molon has opened a new 10,000 sqm logistics and production plant in the nearby town of Pove del Grappa. This location is designed to facilitate the full production cycle with activities coordinated from our main production offices. The headquarters also include the magnificent Palladian VILLA MOLON featuring a wide selection of signature classical pieces.

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Francesco Molon’s mission is to use this treasured craftsmanship to achieve perfect products, handmade according to the ancient tradition.


enabling furniture to pass through generations

Francesco Molon veneering is a meticulous process. Planks of wood are carefully handpicked, sliced into lengths, and accurately matched and butted together. Only perfectly matching natural veneers are applied to the surface of a Francesco Molon piece. Our expert artisans combine passion and manual dexterity with precision to create a flawless balance.

Utilizing our deeply treasured legacy of craftsmanship, our mission is to create only perfect products, handmade in the time-honored tradition.


pure Italian interior design

Francesco Molon implements the perfect balance between traditional cabinet making and today’s most innovative technologies and technical know-how.

Ancient techniques are used as the starting point for a technology based production that allows our designers and architects to meet the most demanding client specifications in creating classical items of timeless design; masterpieces that can be handed down through generations.

Standard catalogue items are often personalized according to client request or complete custom creations manufactured to fulfill the dream that is each setting. Our wide ranging flexibility transforms each interior into an exclusive project for a unique buyer.