Mine is a simple story

Mine is a simple story, shared by many entrepreneurs from the Veneto region who started their journey from humble beginnings. Despite furnishing prestigious locations worldwide, Francesco Molon remains grounded.

With over sixty years of experience in the industry, he began at the age of eleven, dedicating twelve or thirteen hours a day to the art. His passion extends beyond wood to the creative process of bringing entire atmospheres to life. This is why he collaborates with artists and creative artisans, attributing his success to perseverance and early international involvement.


Success doesn’t come by chance

The business started in 1966, expanding to Saudi Arabia a few years later. In 1981, the United States became a key market, establishing a strong sales network. Today, our relationships with private clients from that era continue to be loyal and attentive.

Following their father’s vision, the sons, Roberto and Christian, now lead the company. Devoted like their father, they ensure the timeless design and craftsmanship that define Francesco Molon’s works, passing from generation to generation.


58 years of tradition and innovation

Francesco Molon boasts a team of over 200 individuals dedicated to the highest production standards. With over 50 years of experience, our main production site spanning 30,000 square meters ensures perfection in every process. We have expanded with a new logistics and production facility of 10,000 square meters. Our headquarters also houses the magnificent “Villa Molon,” showcasing a curated selection of classic pieces.

Rooted in its history, Francesco Molon is committed to the mission of preserving and enhancing the timeless artisanal art, producing impeccable handmade furniture, meticulously crafted in every detail.


Furniture that spans generations

Francesco Molon’s veneering is a complex art. Carefully selected planks are precisely cut, ensuring seamless matches. Only perfectly harmonized natural veneers adorn the surface of our pieces. Our skilled artisans work with passion, manual dexterity, and precision to achieve impeccable balance.

Founded on a rich artisanal heritage, our commitment is unwavering: crafting flawless, hand-made products according to age-old traditions.


Pure Italian style

Francesco Molon seamlessly blends the traditional art of carpentry with cutting-edge technologies. Ancient techniques form the foundation for a technology-driven production, enabling our designers to meet the specific needs of customers.

Our timeless masterpieces combine classic design and modern innovation, offering bespoke adaptations. Our flexibility transforms every interior into an exclusive, unique project for our clients.