Handmade luxury furniture made in Italy

We design and manufacture furniture destined to furnish some of the most prestigious buildings internationally. Our craftsmanship is represented by our constant commitment to quality.

Classic Collection

The excellence of Made in Italy through quality, passion, and tradition. Discover the iconic pieces of our classical history.

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Eclectica Collection

A collection inspired by the Art Deco of the XX century, offering a new lifestyle for every environment.

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Prospettiva Collection

Timeless elegance, craftsmanship excellence, and the traditional mastery of a modern aesthetic.

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Our Story

We are craftsmen of furniture, experts in crafting both classic and contemporary pieces with mastery. Our dedication is reflected in the constant search for the finest materials on the market and the meticulous attention paid to finishing details. This is our distinctive, unique, and unmistakable approach.

Welcome to the world where excellence takes shape.

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Our Projects

Over the years, our expertise has attracted a high-level clientele, successfully expanding our reach through supply projects for prestigious hotel chains worldwide, satisfying discerning customers on a global scale.

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Italian Design

We produce classic, contemporary, and modern furniture with the confidence to excel in the art of design. Our modus operandi is the constant pursuit of precious materials and the meticulous attention to finishing details, the only approach we know, enabling us to transform each piece into an uncompromising work of art.

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