Nicola Gallizia and Francesco Molon together for a contemporary collection

… I mean that Francesco Molon has always traced and followed his path in terms of design and reinterpretation of the furnishings: Classic and Eclectic, creating a unique interpretation of Made in Italy…
… Francesco Molon is currently working on none other than Palazzo Portinari Salviati, downtown Florence; think only of the fact that this building was the birthplace of Beatrice muse of Dante Alighieri, the father of italian language.

IN: Mr. Gallizia, could you explain the meaning of this new initiative together with Francesco Molon?
NG: Francesco Molon (FM) certainly needs no introduction; being a historical company in classical furniture excellence, it has always been a company, let me say “not aligned” in luxury.

IN: What do you mean by “not aligned” in luxury?
NG: FM has always stood out for a strong propensity toward for “almost extreme” quality that it has always wanted for its products. A re-search for a “complete” furnishing solution for its customers that always covered all the areas of the projects: a villa, a luxury hotel or a common area for various governments around the world. The “not aligned” means that FM has always traced and followed his path in terms of design and reinterpretation of the furnishings: classic and eclectic, creating a unique interpretation of Made in Italy.

IN: when you say “around the world” what does it means?
NG: FM has always developed and completed Contract Supply Projects for the most prestigious hotel chains on all continents. When I say prestigious, I cannot fail to mention works such as: THE SAVOY LONDON, THE FOUR SEASON FLORENCE and in NEW YORK, THE RITZ CARLTON again in NEW YORK. We are talking about projects that as Italians, we should be proud of just knowing that an Italian company was the protagonist of the supply of the furniture or the refurbishment.

IN: so far everything clear for the past, although recent, but are there any current projects that FM is working on?
NG: This is the peculiarity of FM: being able to work, successfully, on projects where most of whom do dealing with CONTRACT has difficulty getting in. let me explain: FM is currently working on none other than PALAZZO PORTINARI SALVIATI, downtown FLORENCE; think only of the fact that this building was the birthplace of BEATRICE muse of DANTE ALIGHIERI the FATHER OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE.

IN: I understand, we know you are engaged in projects for various prestigious brands on the Italian scene. But … which is the reason that pushed you towards this collaboration with FM?
NG: It all started thanks to mutual friends who introduced me to Francesco Molon’s enturage; a year ago I meet Roberto Molon, and immediately he did not talk to me about the past, he told me about HIS PLANS FOR FUTURE and of the consequent need for a “CHANGE OF PACE”, a desire to deal with what today represents core business of furniture projects abroad and in Italy: CONTEMPORARY. He was looking for partners to share the experience of FM, but had the same FUTURE VISION and THE WILL to give birth to a SHARED PROJECT in CONTEMPORARY DESIGN.

IN: so have you worked on contemporary products?
NG: we empathized, we created that emotional and TECHNICAL FEELING with FM staff that led us to a real awareness of the potential of the FM company structure. And now we are ready with our contemporary proposal.

NG: working with FM means sharing a furnishing need that is not limited to products, which, in addition to stylistic parameters, knows how to attract the attention of FM customers who are now also oriented towards the contemporary. So, right away, we have thought, shared and DEVELOPED A COLLECTION, able to give this type of answer, sure, but it was especially of broad emotional involvement. An FM collection involving the entire furniture is distinctive, but in this case with dictates that emphasize elegance and sobriety with discretion.

IN: explain better
NG: PROSPETTIVA (the name of the collection) is DESIGNED to be PERSONALIZED, which is composed in any case, respecting precise ICONIC PARAMETERS. This is how we designed it, not as a tailored suit but as a full fit wardrobe complete with emotions almost a “DRESS CODE” to show off on different occasions.

NG: we are aware of the challenge, of wanting to maintain the values and qualities that have made the history of this brand, and we have taken literally a phrase that circulated in the company “we produce superior quality products simply because we don’t know how to work differently from this.

NG: I simply refer you to visit us during the next SALONE DEL MOBILE in MILAN, discretion and elegance cannot be explained in words.