Mission impossible? We stop nowhere to deliver yet another FM experience

No place is impossible when you need to reach the heart of the splendid lagoon city, and the Grand Canal becomes the easiest way to get to the historic Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel. Here we have delivered a refined selection of furniture that embraces the classic style from Louis XV to Charles Buolle, hand carved and decorated with gold leaf and inlays on precious national woods.
Canopy beds, imperial consoles, dressing tables and mirrors, but also doors and wood paneling that complete the furnishings of the Luxury Suites and the charming hotel reception.
What better context for Francesco Molon’s artistic reproductions than the aristocratic rooms of the ancient Venetian nobility? Where art is at home, and beauty is breathed everywhere, Francesco Molon furnishes and completes the scenography with his handcrafted creations of the highest quality.